The Electronic Cigarette: The UK’s Hottest Product

The electronic cigarette has taken decades to reach its peak in sales. This is because the younger generation wants the trend without the harm. But this e cig trend is catching on like wild fire (no pun intended) and creating a vast amount of customers that are getting healthy while having fun and not going cold turkey.


When you shop with us, our e cigarette products provide ease of us as well as a variety of vapour flavours for your traditional cigarette. You can customise these flavours to your liking and even try a bunch. This makes the smoking experience that much more fun.

E cigs provide you an insane amount of vapour, which is aesthetically pleasing to the user. The reason why eletronic cigarettes are so much better for you is because they do not contain tobacco, they only contain nicotine vapour. This vapour allows you to smoke around others without causing any harm or annoying them with the stench of smoke. If you are around someone who is allergic to cigarette smoke, they have nothing to worry about with you smoking this instead.

Another great thing about E cigarettes is that you can refill these whenever you want after your cartridge is empty. While they last for a long time, you don’t have to spend nearly as much as a carton or package of cigarettes just to refill again. You can save up to £400 a month just by switching to the electronic cigarette.

Seeing the Benefits of an E-cig

• Harmless to animals, babies, friends and strangers around you
• Inexpensive as well as cheap to start
• Reusable, refillable and recyclable
• Variety of flavours you can customise
• Helps you stop smoking real cigarettes and return to a healthier you
These also allow you to wean off of real cigarettes. They do so by letting you have the nicotine in certain doses without any tobacco at all. When you purchase an e cigarette, you can change the intensity of each hit with a turn of a dial. This will allow you to take more or less when you wean off of it.

You can also customise some flavours as well. Before diving into the artificial cigarette and vapour world, there are starter kits for you to try.

Starter Kit Essentials

If you’re new to the world of e cigs and the best e cig juice, then you should check into buying a starter kit. This kit comes with everything you need in order to get started on your journey of stopping smoking.

This starter kit usually comes with the electronic cigarette itself as well as a supply of cartridges, depending on the package you purchase as well as an instruction manual and recharging accessories.

What are the Benefits?

• Decrease of fires
• No bad smell
• Less taxes, if any at all
• No more heart disease and lung cancer risks
• Safer for the environment, babies around you as well as everyone else
• Most importantly — it’s inexpensive!
When you stop smoking, you will be able to smell and taste foods more vividly again. In the weeks soon after, the taste of fruits, lunchmeats and more will become much stronger, and nothing like you’ve had before! The electronic cigarettes will undoubtedly transform your lifestyle while pleasing you with nicotine.

With more energy and newly freshened taste buds, you can become that chef you’ve always wanted to be!

Instead of trying to hide the stench when you smoke, you should stop completely by using an odourless vapour that comes with the artificial cigarette! This is so you can return to smelling great without a lurking smell.

Vaping is becoming a hobby to some people and is a worldwide trend. This trend is growing in popularity within the UK as well. Hop on this bandwagon and become healthy, fit, and cool as well as taking on a new hobby with friends, testing out flavours.

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